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The value of values

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

January always seems like such a lovely cruisy contrast to the hype of December. Most people have had a decent summer holiday to reset and relax, and then at the end of the month we've got a 3-day weekend, and another mid-week day off following close behind with Waitangi day.

Such a kind start to a new year...

I thought I'd share something that got me thinking recently...

A few people have remarked in hearing we are heading away on our holiday that

"we are really good at getting our holidays in" -

something that has taken years of working on and has not always gone smoothly,

like most processes they take practice and preparation.

Also made harder by our busy schedules, 12+ hour days, and the fact that we were rarely in sync with when our busy times are.

Just real-life commitments we each have (you'll all have them too!) that need to be worked around.

So from the outside it probably does look like we are "really good at holidays" but truth is, this time off is something we both value highly.

The value comes in rest, balance, new motivation, inspiration, kindness, greater capacity for other relationships and our professions, and a better connection with each other.

So this time off is something worth working hard to perfect for both of us because we value it, and the value that comes from it.

Everyone has differing values,

so as a couple it is truly lovely to have some of our values that align.

Holidays and quality time together is something at the top of both of our lists.

Of course, not all relationships have values that align.

The most important things is, that YOU know what YOUR values are.

So what values are at the top of your list?

It can be really helpful to just start with your top 5 -

the top 5 things that you believe and feel are vitally important to your vitality.

Some examples may be:

- health - trust - transparency - adventure - kindness - honesty - family - friends

- education - home - finance - fitness - animals...

There are no right or wrong values - these are your set of virtues that you hold dear as you go through your life.

And, of course, these are subject to change.

What you value as a child or a teen are going to be very different to what you value as an adult or parent.

I encourage you to get really clear on your top 5 values

These can help to steer you positively toward setting up good habits towards achieving your goals.

Take an honest look at whether your values align with the way you are living.

To really check in on this - if you are not in alignment with what is important to you, you will be making choices that are working against these values.

For example, if you value say, finances and money but you spend more than you earn this is going against your proclaimed value and you move further away from a goal you may have around saving or having a set amount of money for a purchase you want to make because you are being irresponsible with money and not valuing it.

If you are in alignment with your value of finances or money, you will likely value your income so that you make allowance to put a portion of it away in a savings account to go toward your financial goal.

Make sense?

When going over goals with my Naturopathic clients this values system is hugely influential over whether someone will commit to their goals through healthy habits.

Have a read of my blog post on healthy habits here.

Do you value good health?

Then to put it very simply, you will live like a 'healthy' person dose.

You will make choices that are in alignment with your values and your goals.

You will choose nutrition and foods that serve your values and your goals.

You will make lifestyle choices that align with your values and your goals.

You will choose to create healthy habits that move you in the direction of your values and your goals.

This is not overnight success stuff! It never is.

The apparent overnight success is what people will see from the outside but the truth is it takes work.

Slowly, slowly making choices each day that work toward your values and your goals is the best route to take.

It sets you up to achieve your potential, and forms a strong foundation of health and well-being.

You can't complete a degree overnight.

You don't become a top seller overnight.

You don't become a manager overnight.

You can't become an Olympian overnight.

You don't become a marathon runner overnight.

Get the gist??

Get excited about the potential you have and life you could be living if you were to fulfill your potential. You can read more about my journey with this here.

If your values and goal setting towards better health be it emotional, physical, mental, energetic/spiritual health is something you want to get empowered on I would love to work with you!

You can contact me here to get in touch about how we can work together by arranging a FREE 15 minute discovery call to assess whether an holistic approach to your health is right for you.

Amy Donovan is a qualified and registered Naturopath, Medical Herbalist and

Massage Therapist working from her private clinic in Te Awamutu, New Zealand.

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