Amy is passionate about working with you through an indiviualised approach to support you if you are experiencing... 

  • digestive issues

  • fatigue and constant tiredness

  • stress and burnout

  • anxiety and/or depression

  • hormonal changes and challenges

  • poor sleep 

  • poor immunity

  • allergies

  • skin conditions 

  • unwanted weight gain

  • fertility issues

What is involved?


Before you begin your Naturopathic journey you will be sent the following to complete

- A health questionnaire 

- A food diary 

- An agreement for your work together

Because Naturopathy aims to establish and treat the root cause of any disease and illness, Amy typically spends anywhere from 1-4 hours researching your case to develop the most safe and effective wellness plan to level up your health.


Amy also looks to reveal any connections between past events or illnesses

and the symptoms you may be experiencing currently.  

Sometimes she may also request blood tests,

or suggest specialised hormonal, metabolic, or immune reaction testing 

to further evaluate your health. 

Naturopathic Care Options 

Initial Consultation 


An initial consultation is a great place to make a start on your individualised healthcare approach.

This will be a 60 minute meeting centered around the details of your health story and the direction you want to head to achieve your health goals.

You will then receive some short term goal recommendations to go home with. 

Within the week following your initial consultation you will receive your in depth wellness plan via email designed to give you guidance to begin forming healthful habits. 

Your plan will include...

  • Your health goals

  • Lifestyle and nutritional suggestions 

  • Herbal medicine suggestions

  • Supplement suggestions 

  • Any recommendations for further testing 

  • A guide of when you and Amy should meet again for a follow up appointment to continue your work together 

Investment - $250





4 Month Naturopathic Package

Amy has created this package because she knows first hand and from working successfully with many clients that it takes each of us at least 90 days to make the positive and sustainable changes required to begin seeing real results and outcomes with our health. 

Your package includes...

  • An initial 60 minute Naturopathic consultation 

  • An in depth wellness plan including lifestyle and nutritional suggestions

  • Suggestions for supplements* 

  • A 100ml individualised herbal formula*, made specially for your immediate needs to take home with you immediately

  • A 30g/30 serves Artemis herbal tea specific to your needs

  • 3 x 60 minute follow up consultations (ideally spaced out to around every 3-4 weeks)

  • Follow up notes and action steps to take emailed to you after each follow up appointment

*Any supplements recommended, and further herbal formula at additional cost 

Investment - $660

$200 deposit at time of booking

$115 each month over 4 months

60 minute Follow Up Appointments 

Follow up appointments allow you and Amy to meet either ever 3-4 weeks, or as often or as little as you need. 

These follow up appointments allow you to pick up where you left off, or to introduce some new goals you may have as your health journey develops. 

Most importantly, these appointments allow you to continue your own accountability and commitment to wards achieving your health goals with full support and guidance from Amy. 

Investment - $120 

Please note

Amy is happy to answer a simple question or two preferably via email
at the start of treatment or if there are changes made to your plan. 

Otherwise a follow-up appointment will provide the opportunity

to go over detailed information and to cover any questions you may have.

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