Naturopathy is excellent at supporting those who may be experiencing digestive issues, fatigue, stress, anxiety, poor sleep, poor immunity, allergies, skin conditions, unwanted weight gain, fertility issues, and many more health conditions! 


At Calyx Health, Amy will work with you as an individual, on ALL aspects of your health - physical, mental, emotional - in a safe and secure environment

while employing the 6 principles of Naturopathic medicine.






















Source AANMC (2019)


What is involved?

The first step is an initial consultation. 

Once you your Initial Consultation with Amy is confirmed, she will be in touch with your Welcome Pack which contains all the information you need to get your journey together started, which includes a health questionnaire to help Amy prepare for your appointment. 

Your Initial Consultation will be a 1 hour meeting centered around the details of your health story and the direction you want to head to achieve your health goals.

At the end of this appointment you will be given a few key nutritional and lifestyle suggestions you can begin to implement immediately. 

You may also be offered the opportunity to purchase a herbal formula

to address any immediate issues.

Because Naturopathy aims to establish and treat the root cause of any disease and illness, Amy typically spends anywhere from 1-4 hours researching your case to develop the most safe and effective wellness plan to level up your health.


Amy also looks to reveal any connections between past events or illnesses

and the symptoms you may be experiencing currently.  

Sometimes she may also request blood tests,

or suggest specialised hormonal, metabolic, or immune reaction testing 

to further evaluate your health.

What happens next?

Your wellness plan will be discussed with you the following week in detail at a

30 minute follow up appointment

which Amy will book with you before you leave your Initial Consultation.

What can you expect to see in your plan?


All individualised plans incorporate a foundation of achievable

nutritional and lifestyle advice. 

You will be offered mind and body guidance as well as referrals to other

practitioners or health modalities where needed.

This is to ensure all aspects of your health are being taken care of,

and that you are receiving the support you need.

Your plan may include suggestions for herbal medicines,

nutritional supplements such as vitamins, minerals,

and/or Bach flower essences.

You will also receive education, resources, recipes and tools to support your health goals.

All guidance is solidly based on scientific research and traditional knowledge.

How do I make sure I achieve my health goals?

The most effective way to achieving your health goals is by being accountable to them.

This means that you are committing to achieving them by following through on the promise you are making to yourself. 

Being accountable means you are the one in the driver's seat

and you will do anything to make sure you reach your true wellness potential.

Having regular monthly follow up appointments with Amy

will help you to keep clear in your mind

what your goals are and how you want to achieve them.

Regular follow-up appointments give you valuable one-on-one time with Amy so she can keep up to date with your journey and assess things as they come up,

and offer ongoing support and guidance.

Once you get to where you want to be in terms of your health,

these follow ups may be scheduled every 6-12 months for maintenance purposes

at an extended 1 hour follow-up appointment.

Please note

Amy is happy to answer a simple question or two preferably via email
at the start of treatment or if there are changes made to your plan. 

Otherwise a follow-up appointment will provide the opportunity

to go over detailed information and to cover any questions you may have.

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