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Privacy Policy


Amy Donovan T/A Calyx Health works hard to protect your private information.

It is vital to your treatment with Calyx Health that you provide all health information asked of you to establish the most effective and safe wellness plan specific to your health needs.

You must inform Calyx Health of any changes to your health situation such as medication, pregnancy, hospitalisation, surgery or self-prescribed herbs/supplements as soon as changes arise.

Failure to do so may result in the individual losing their care from Calyx Health.

Any personal or sensitive information obtained by Calyx Health via a private consultation is strictly confidential. Physical case notes are kept in a locked filing cabinet, and electronic notes kept on a designated laptop with access only to Calyx Health.

Calyx Health is legally required to keep all medical records for at least 7 years.

Individual’s have the right to access to all information kept by Calyx Health regarding their health upon request.

Client information will not in any circumstances be disclosed with any other individual unless consent has been granted in writing by the individual whose information has been obtained.

Consent to disclose information will only be requested if Calyx Health sees benefit in discussing your health case with another health professional to obtain information that may benefit your health picture and assist your wellness plan.

Once consent is obtained, any/all sensitive and personal information including name, date of birth, contact details, etc will be removed to preserve anonymity and to protect your identity.

An individual has the right to withdraw consent at any stage by contacting

Privacy cannot be guaranteed when personal, one on one communication is made with Calyx Health through third parties namely Gmail (Google), Facebook, or Instagram due to their level of access to accounts, however all duty of care will be taken to preserve sensitive information by Calyx Health.

Any contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses will be required in order to make an appointment booking via the website or otherwise. This contact information will be used to contact you in regards to your treatment, on-going care, appointments and/or cancellations.

Email addresses will also be used to send out other communication such as newsletters, special deals, workshops, etc. If you do not wish to be subscribed to other communications via email please express this to

Any complaints regarding information collection methods or the use of an individual’s information can be made directly to and will be discussed openly to achieve the best outcome for the individual who has provided their information.

Calyx Health reserves the right to update their privacy policy at any time, and all updates will be communicated via email as and when they arise.

Amy Donovan T/A Calyx Health

25 Roche Street

Te Awamutu


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