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Stress Masterclass
live webinar 

Wednesday 22nd November
⏰ 6pm 
​📍 Online

"Something just clicked for me and I realize how stress has been showing up for me all these years and the impact it's been having." 

"You explained things in just enough detail for me to know the sciencey stuff but for it to be inspiring to take action. I am already putting things in place in my schedule to help reduce my stress."

I'm bringing you this comprehensive live online training event to help you manage stress better. 

Join me for this 60-minute live training to bring you some background on how our biology is affected by long-term exposure to stress, and the impact our current world has on our stress response. This hour-long session is packed with practical advice and techniques to help you tackle stress head-on. 

Plus I'll share lifestyle, nutritional, and herbal medicine tips and tricks to help you build your resilience to stress and support your mental health.

You'll also get free downloadable resources to help you set some healthful habits. 


It will be an interactive session that includes Q&A, so you can get answers to your specific concerns.

A recording will be available if you can't make it on the night, but from my experience, you will get more out of joining me live on the night 🥳 


Don't let stress control your life - get your ticket today and take the first step towards a happier, healthier you.

With a limited class size, be sure to secure your spot now for this exclusive opportunity to learn how to improve your sleep and enhance your well-being.


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