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The story behind Calyx Health

Calyx Health is operated by Amy Donovan, 

a qualified and registered Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, and Massage Therapist

practicing in the beautiful Waipa area, within the Waikato region.

Amy has a lifelong enthusiasm for plants and health.

Some of her earliest memories as a child are harvesting flowers and plants, crushing them up and mixing them with water, feeling as though she was making something really special.

Amy has an extensive background in horticulture and is keen to pass on her skills and experience with plants

in consultations to encourage you to grow your own food and medicine.

Amy also spent many years working in the hospitality industry which is something she always draws on to ensure a welcoming and safe environment to promote a harmonious connection between

herself, her clients, and her community.  

Her passion for good food has been threaded through these two careers, firstly by growing it,

and then creating and serving the final products.

Amy prefers an integrative approach by ensuring general practitioners and other health professionals

are included in each client's wellness journey to encourage a holistic approach.

She loves to draw on other healthcare practitioner's experience and knowledge

to keep herself as skilled as possible with all aspects of healthcare.

This also ensures that her clients are fully supported in their health journey,

both by her practice at Calyx Health, and by all other practitioners that her clients may benefit from.

What's behind the name 'Calyx Health'?

The concept behind Calyx Health is that of one which honours bio-individuality, 

treating each client specific to their health needs, because no two of us are the same.

 Calyx are the green outer sepals protecting a flower in bud,

until that flower is ready to bloom and reach it's innate potential.

You will be treated respectfully and supported with compassionate guidance throughout your health journey.

Amy's aim is to empower you as the client to attain and maintain your health

to be the best version of you!

Professional bodies that Amy belongs to

Amy believes registration is an important part of increasing

professionalism and accountability for health practitioners. 

Membership to professional bodies requires Continued Professional Education,

meaning members must attend a number of training opportunities each year. 

This ensures they are receiving the most relevant and recent research for their practice.

She is a member of the Naturopaths and Medical Herbalists of New Zealand (NMHNZ),

and the New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists (NZAMH). 

 Her membership with the NMHNZ enables clients to claim on their 

Southern Cross Medical Insurance depending on their policy cover.

Special awards

Amy received the Phytomed award for Excellence in Herbal Medicine 2016.

This was a true honour for Amy, and confirmation that she is practicing her passion.

Illustrated Flowers
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