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Show your liver some love this holidays

Updated: Feb 28

The holiday season is a time we all hang out for.

Come December - it's all on!

Socializing, end-of-school performances, work dos, family, friends, shopping for food and presents on top of all the other commitments we already have.

Sometimes in all the busyness, we struggle to eat healthily, and instead 'grab and go' with less than ideal foods.

We tend to drink more alcohol with all the festivities.

We eat more sugar (a box of Roses chocolates makes an easy Chrissie prez right?!).

We may exercise less due to being so busy.

Even remembering to drink enough water can be a struggle with so much to do!

Image: Web MD

All the while our life-giving liver battles with filtering and detoxifying without much complaint.

But, without our liver, we would not survive.

Aiding its processes is the best way to keep your liver healthy.

Some of the most simple ways to do this are:

  • Ensuring you drink plenty of fresh water to help flush out toxins and waste.

  • Eating cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage) as these contain sulforaphane, a chemical that aids detoxification. Caution applies to those with thyroid issues - speak with your Naturopath to find out more.

  • Eating foods rich in vitamin C - this means raw fruit and vegetables. Like we needed an excuse to get stuck into those beautiful seasonal berries and cherries any more!

  • Eating whole grains (gluten-free if you have to/want to) provides your liver with B-group vitamins which aid the detoxification process.

  • Whole grains also provide fibre which helps to bulk stools and keep your bowel regular - ultra important for ridding the body of waste and toxins!

  • Use liver-supporting herbs such as turmeric and dandelion. A ​Medical Herbalist may also be able to provide you with a herbal formula to assist liver health and function.

  • And the obvious - watch your alcohol intake during the silly season. Binge drinking can be just as harmful as alcoholism so please be sensible here.

Image: Conscious Life News

Our livers are amazing!

When we think about detoxification, we need to start thinking about a lifestyle approach rather than something we do just once a year. The best approach to ensuring your liver is working at its optimum is eating plenty of plant-based foods and the use of herbs to support its health and function.

If you would like to work on specific health goals contact me at Calyx Health.

Using a Naturopathic approach means ALL aspects of you are taken into account, not just the "broken bits".


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