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Acute Herbal Medicine Consultation

These appointments are perfect for addressing acute infections such as gastrointestinal, throat, respiratory, etc. 

They can also useful for assisting symptoms of stress, mild anxiety and newly disturbed sleeping patterns -

although a full Naturopathic approach is hugely beneficial for these conditions. 

Amy wants herbal medicine to be available to everyone.

From babies and children through to the elderly - herbal medicine can be helpful for every-body!

Acute Herbal Medicine Consultations

are for those that may be in need of immediate support through herbal medicine. 

Price - $65

Includes a 100ml herbal formula specifically designed for your needs.


Duration - Up to 30 minutes

(consultation time and preparing your formula)

Please note:

Should you need assistance for a chronic/long term issue you have been experiencing,

you will be required to begin a Naturopathic approach.


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