Herbal Medicine

Amy wants Herbal Medicine to be available to everyone.

From babies and children through to the elderly, herbal medicine can be helpful for every-body!

Amy offers Acute Consultations to cater for those that may be in need of immediate support through herbal medicine. 

These appointments are perfect for addressing acute infections such as gastrointestinal, throat, respiratory, etc. 

They can also useful for assisting symptoms of stress, such as anxiety and disturbed sleep -

although a full Naturopathic approach is usually more appropriate for this.

These are 15-30 minute appointments and include a

100 ml bespoke herbal formula tailored to each individual's needs. 

You will have the opportunity to discuss acute conditions requiring herbal medicine.

Please note: Should you need assistance for a chronic or long term issue you have been experiencing,

you will be required to begin a Naturopathic approach.

What does a Medical Herbalist do?

Amy at Calyx Health uses the best quality herbal fluid extracts from

New Zealand and Australian herbal medicine providers.

After your health goals and health story have been evaluated through your initial consultation,

Amy will create a herbal formula according to your specific health needs.

Theses formula may change as the condition of your health and your goals change.

Amy may also prescribe herbs through tablets, capsule, teas and infusions, or through food. 

Your current medications and the dosage of these,

along with any supplements you are taking are taken into consideration

to assess any possible interactions or side effects.


Amy will write to your medical doctor should she deem it necessary to do so,

informing them of the herbal formula you are taking to ensure your safety, and transparency.

Important Information

If at any time your medication changes please inform Calyx Health as soon as possible

to ensure these are added to your file,

and any herbs you are prescribed will be evaluated for safety with your updated medications list. 

Herbs are extremely effective and can have powerful beneficial results.

Conversely they can also be used to create gentle, subtle change.

 Individual results may vary due to bio-individuality, but safety and efficiency are always paramount

when you are prescribed a herbal formula at Calyx Health.

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