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The boiled frog

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

So who's heard of boiled frog syndrome?

I thought I'd go over this story as we begin the lead up to Christmas.

The story goes - if you place a frog in a vessel of water and begin to heat it the frog adjusts its temperature to cope with the rise in temperature of the water.

Eventually the frog realises the water is now boiling and decides to jump but can't because it has lost its capability of doing so due to it becoming weak during the constant rising of the temperature.

We might say the boiling water killed the frog - but more so it was the frog's own inability to decide when it had to jump out.

Yet, if we were to put the frog in boiling water to begin with it would immediately jump out recognising it's life was endangered.

So what happens when we fail to decide whether or not to leave a situation that is slowly harming us?

Now I haven't attempted boiling a frog before nor would I ever!

Increasingly commonly I have seen this in my work with clients -

and I have also been here myself. 

Not with boiling water, but with burnout.

The key to avoid becoming the 'boiled frog' is to regularly check in with yourself and view what is going on.

Do you need to lessen the load somewhere?

Delegate more?

Communicate more?

Socialise less?

Eat more healthfully?

Exercise more?

Get some rest?

Spend energy? Conserve energy?

It's a dance we constantly sway between.

So many of us work with a mindset of "I've just got to make it to Christmas."

all the while emptying the tank and not making attempts to fill it until

we reach that holiday season 

- burnt out!

Do yourself (and those around you!) a favour working toward the end of this year by locking in a few things that you know fill up your tank 

- time that is just for you!

It could be an appointment for time out for yourself like a massage.

Or it may even be as simple as running a bath, or taking a walk out in nature.

Don't become the boiled frog!

 If you are already feeling the effects of burnout you may benefit from herbs that support adrenal and nervous system function. 

Bach flowers can also be great during times of overwhelm and stress too. 

If you would like more help supporting yourself in the lead up to Christmas, or at any time contact to arrange a time to discuss your health together.

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