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Stress Support Blend 100ml

Stress Support Blend 100ml

Feeling stressed? Tense? Can't focus? Trouble sleeping? 


This formula is for you! 


Contains Magnolia and Lemon Balm to chill the stress and strain.

Tulsi for struggling adrenals, and to promote liver health and function (hello end-of-year parties!).

Chamomile to support the digestive and nervous systems as these two are linked.

Passionflower is also in there to calm frazzled nerves and support restorative sleep.


Directions: Take 5ml in a small amount of water, once in morning and once at night,  until finished. 


Not for use in children, pregnancy or lactation.
Herbs chosen to be compatible with most prescription medicines - should you have concerns consult your health professional before purchasing/consuming.

Herbal medicine is most effective when combined with a healthful lifestyle and balanced nutrition.

No adverse effects are expected - should you experience any adverse reaction contact Calyx Health immediately.


Formula contains: Magnolia officinalis, Passiflora incarnata, Ocimum tenuiflorum, Schisandra chinensis, Melissa officinalis

  • Please choose carefully as no refunds are allowed once purchased due to the nature of the product and also for hygiene and safety reasons.

    Take only as directed. 

    Although great care and research has been undertaken to formulate this product with no foreseen interactions with other medication you may be taking, if you experience any undesired reactions please contact Calyx Health immediately. 

    Not for use in children, pregnancy or lactation.

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