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Our Online Classroom Is Launching Soon 🤗

Who isn't feeling the effects of stress these days? 

It seems like everyone is feeling rather tapped out after COVID, lockdowns, weather events, and just general life. 


Everyone is walking around with this invisible load of stress impacting our thoughts, feelings, action and behaviour - and I want to help change that! 

So, I'm currently working on the first course for the

✨ Calyx Classroom - Stress Support

In this course you expect to learn 

- What stress actually means for your mind and body 

- How constant stress impacts your gut health, mental health and hormones

- Tools to work with stress as a motivator 

- How to build your tolerance to stress

- Strategies to combat the effects of chronic stress on your mind and body 

What this course will not replace is 

- Specific or individual healthcare 

- The care of your GP, counsellor or other health professional 

- Medication you may be taking for your mental or physical health, although content will provide complimentary options to work safely alongside most conventional medicines 

Keen to join me to learn more about how to ditch the overwhelm and exhaustion and feel energised and excited again? 

Subscribe to be the first to know when we go live.

Thanks for your interest!

I'll be in touch with more info soon x

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