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Calyx Health Foods To Support Your Mood

Calyx Health Foods To Support Your Mood

Our aim is to raise awareness of how Naturopaths
can help you through education and empowerment. 

Nutrition is a cornerstone principle of Naturopathic care.

How we feed ourselves directly translates to our

physical, mental, and emotional health.


Food connects us and is a way of showing others
love, care and support.

In Māori culture this is called manaakitanga.

Now perhaps more than ever

we could do with more connection with others,

so what better way than over food? 😋

We have both put so much work into this
to provide loads of information and easy ways
to use specific foods that can help to support a
😊 healthy mood 
😴 restorative sleep
🧘‍♂️ and resilience to stress. 

3 things I am passionate about talking with
my clients about in clinical practice!  

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