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Amy's knowledge of anatomy and physiology as well as her innate,

intuition makes for a truly exceptional massage experience!

Amy's passion for massage and her professionalism in practice allows you to receive your massage in confidence, 

enabling you to relax and reap all the benefits massage can provide.

You do not have to be undergoing Naturopathic treatment to experience massage from Calyx Health,

simply book the massage that suits you.

After a short consultation Amy will tailor your massage according to your health goals, 

and your preferred style of massage using a combination of massage techniques.

Massage at Calyx Health is suitable for both females and males of all ages

as Amy has created a safe and professional environment here for you.

Pregnancy massage is offered after the first trimester.

Baby massage sessions are also available.

This provides an opportunity for you to learn the benefits of baby massage, and how to assist your precious little one's well being and relaxation through massage you can do at home.

Gift vouchers are available and are always a favourite with those who receive them.

They are the perfect present for that busy person in your life. 


The benefits of massage are many!

Promotes relaxation

Reduces pain and tension

Assists healing of sprains and strains

Reduces anxiety and depression

Improves sleep quality

Promotes circulation and movement of lymph fluid

Increases immunity and promotes detoxification

Eases discomfort during pregnancy

Assists weight loss and improves digestion...

"Massage is something that is still viewed as a luxury, or something only utilised when needing to treat pain,

but I want to see this mind-body modality become a regular part of my clients self-care regime.

For me, regular massage is a non-negotiable in my own self-care routine." 

- Amy Donovan

Calyx Health

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