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Step forward with confidence & clarity

to process the stress,

gain great gut health & hormonal harmony

Picture this: exhausted and persistently fatigued, chronically unwell, crippling gut issues, and terrible PMS.

Yet, after every doctor's visit and procedure I was told,

"Everything is normal."

I was tired.

Tired of hearing everything was normal when I felt chronically unwell, exhausted, and anything but normal. 

I knew deep down that I deserved more than the so-called "normal." 

I began to question the conventional and demanded more. 


I decided I was worth more than what a conventional approach was offering me. 

I decided I wanted more from my health and life than just living in limbo and feeling terrible all the time.

I made a choice.

A choice to break free from the cycle of feeling constantly unwell. 

I chose to put myself and my health first, and not to accept ‘normal’ as truth! 

To live life in a way that serves me,

It was time to value myself fully rather than constantly burning out to keep others warm.


Because I chose to believe in a life overflowing with health and happiness. 

There wasn’t a quick fix or a silver bullet but that choice to believe in more changed everything.

Welcome to a journey where prioritizing yourself is not just a choice but a way of life – where health and happiness coexist, and thriving takes priority over merely surviving.

Are you ready to choose you? 

Book a free 15 minute discovery call now!

New Growth
Orange Flower

What's behind the name 'Calyx Health'?


The concept behind Calyx Health is that of one which honours bio-individuality, 

treating each client specifically to their health needs because no two of us are the same.

 Calyx are the green outer sepals protecting a flower in bud

until that flower is ready to bloom and reach its innate potential.

You will be treated respectfully and supported with compassionate guidance throughout your health journey.

My aim is to empower you as the client to attain and maintain your health

to be the best version of you!


“I am forever grateful for your honesty and guidance, and your belief in me and the healing potential of our bodies.”

“Without your help working on my health I would not feel like I do now – energetic, full of hope and inspiration. The way I felt had become normal and I couldn’t see any way out.”

“It feels like I finally have someone on my team, a health cheerleader, actually listening to me and working WITH me to help me achieve my goals.”


"The greatest of follies is to sacrifice health for any other kind of happiness."
- Arthur Schopenhauer

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