Spring Goal Reset E-book

Spring Goal Reset E-book

I want you to visualise yourself sitting somewhere special on new year's day 2021.


You've just seen in the new year and you are reflecting on the year that has been. You are brimming with pride and satisfaction at what you have achieved in the last 3 months of 2020, and you feel inspired and excited to head into 2021 with this new mindset and understanding of what makes you feel healthy and happy.


This e-book will help you shift to a proactive mindset to finish 2020 well! 


It contains information, reflection, and insight from my Naturopathic point of view about the year so far. 


Most importantly though it allows space for you to reflect, while providing goal setting techniques and worksheet, as well as a healthy habits worksheet to help you get clear on how you want to finish the year while promoting your health. 

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