Nutrition is one of the cornerstones of Naturopathic treatment,

and cannot be disregarded when looking into your health.

Our bodies are amazing machines - you literally get out what you put in!

If it is running on good quality, clean fuel you will more likely have increased and sustained energy.

Our bodies are also very forgiving!

They can turn those takeaways, fries, pies, and fizzy drinks

into fuel in order to perform vital functions to keep us alive -

although this requires more effort for not much gain. 

If you are experiencing low energy, low mood, brain fog, hormonal imbalances, cravings, etc

then it is time to look at your nutrition.

What foods you are using to fuel yourself adequately to thrive, instead of merely surviving?

Why is Nutrition so important?

Naturopaths are well known for their passion for gut health due to this being

where the majority of all health issues begin -

poor immunity, mental health, inflammation, hormonal imbalances, etc.

Undiagnosed intolerances and allergies to food can cause symptoms such as:

digestive discomfort, bowel issues, eczema, hay-fever, neurological disorders,

migraines, muscle and joint pain, acne,

and impaired reproductive health.

After a lifetime of gut health issues herself,

Amy at Calyx Health understands what it means to have digestive discomfort and pain -

not to mention frustration when what you eat negatively affects your quality of life.


But it doesn't have to be this way!

How will looking at my Nutrition help me?

Amy believes that our diets should be founded on a balance of plant based foods like vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds, as well as high quality sources of fats and protein. 

She also believes that food should be enjoyable and enjoyed!

Food traditionally has brought people together. It is something that in many cultures and is shared and loved.

Amy appreciates balance when it comes to food, and knows that beyond nourishment there are somethings that we can enjoy as 'soul food'

like hazelnut chocolate, brie, carrot cake and a cold glass of Rosé -

maybe just not all at once 😂

Bio-individuality is key when it comes to nutrition -

no two of us are the same and we all need slightly different requirements when it comes to our food.

Whether it's through different stages of life, different fitness demands, fertility and hormonal health -

our individual nutritional needs must be considered to give us the best result.

Prior to your initial naturopathic consultation with Amy at Calyx Health you will be asked to give an overview of your food intake by keeping a food diary in the week leading up to your appointment -

what you eat, how much you eat,

when you eat it,

and how you felt after eating each food or meal.

Water intake, caffeine and alcohol will also be recorded.

You will receive nutritional advice specific to your health story and health goals

within your wellness plan, and after each follow-up appointment

to ensure your body is receiving the best fuel,

to help you perform to the best of your ability.

What about testing to see if I have an allergy?

To help get a really clear picture of what is going on, 

immune reaction and gut health testing options are available at additional cost.

Amy is happy to discuss the options and pricing of these with you at your initial consultation

once you have gone over your health history thoroughly.

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